SoftwarKey ServerParser 4.1 beta2

This archive contains the ServerParserSDK demo app, with the DLLs recompiled with vs2017

Also the DLLS are obfuscated with a new version of .net reactor (6.3) with necrobit reflection compatibility enabled/true

The above demo uses plusmanaged


  1. first try using the DLLs found in the release folder
  2. if this does not resolve the problem, look in the debug folder, there is a file called: PlusManaged.dll, try adding this file to your deploy folder.

If the problem is still not resolved, then we will try to redeploy the DLLs without merging the PlusManaged.dll, in which case you will need to reference the PlusManaged.dll when you do your build/compile.  This next attempt will be called ParserDemo 4.1 and will be included in this post.



This version of code is for test only, it is using an older version of the plusmanaged.dll v5.19.4.0, there is a reference to this library, it is found in a new folder in the project called: KeyDll.  The Plusmanaged.xmlserializer is also stored in the folder, it is not referenced, but must be copied to the output directory.

Make sure that both the PlusManaged dlls in your deploy folder come from this project, they must both be at the same version:

to verify, right click on the DLL file, select Properties->Details

New Beta2 test download:


Delete existing versions of PdfSrvr.dll and MagSrvr.dll from deploy directory, as well as all previous PlusManaged files.  Re-build your project with a reference to the file: PlusManaged.dll found in this project, and copy the PlusManaged.dll and PlusManaged.XmlSerializer.dll from this project to your deploy folder.


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