SoftwarKey ServerParser compatible – beta

This post is no longer valid, the Correct SDK is available on the SOLO server.  All Links are dead

This archive contains the ServerParserSDK demo app, with the DLLs recompiled to v

The following files are now at version





You will need to reference System.Web when building with the parsing libraries (PdfSrvr.dll/MagSrvr.dll)

The capability to run in (Web hosted) and normal process (.Net) is now part of the SDK.

Download Link:

Once this code has been verified by Customer, a formal release will be made to the Solo server, for normal distribution.


The link below contains the project files for a sample Web API that uses ASP.NET:

The project contains PdfSrvr.dll and MagSrvr.dll but not LicenseManager.exe.


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