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Tested Compatible PocketPC PDAs

Below is a partial list of PocketPC PDAs which DigiSwipe has been tested with. Because the DigiSwipe becomes a new serial port in the PocketPC, it will work in any PocketPC or Windows CE device with a Type II Compact Flash Slot. The only known issue was with early versions of Windows Mobile 5 devices with bugs in the Windows Mobile 5 code. Early versions of Windows Mobile 5 code had several bugs in the code which controlled the CompactFlash slot. Dell issued updates in March of 2006 to address these issues. Customers with early versions of Windows Mobile 5 operating systems should update to the latest version. Dell has a free update for AXIM X51 devices – See Dell Windows Mobile 5 update.

Device Operating System Com Port Comments
HP ipaq 4700 Windows Mobile 5 (WM5) (via upgrade) 6 Tested
HP ipaq 4700 PocketPC 2003 6 Tested
Dell AXIM X50 PocketPC 2003 4 Tested
Dell AXIM X51 Windows Mobile 5 4 Must be latest ROM  version of WM5 – Original Versions of WM5 had bugs. – See Dell Site
Dell Axim X5 Pocket PC 2002 & 2003 5 Test
HPx 2000 Pocket PC 2003 4 Tested
HP iPAQ hx2795 Windows Mobile 5 6 tested 6/21/07
HP iPAQ hx2495 Windows Mobile 5  6
HP iPAQ 211 Windows Mobile® 6 Classic Edition 1 texted 3/2009
need  DigiSwipe version 1.5 released 3/09
HP iPAQ 210 Windows Mobile® 6 Classic Edition 1 Tested 7/2008
Asus 730 Windows 2003 2nd. Ed 8 Tested
Asus 716 Windows PocketPC 2003 8 Tested
Socket Mobile 650 Windows Mobile 5 2 Tested 4/17/09
need DigiSwipe version 1.5  released 3/09
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