Problem: Unrecognized Barcode Format Error

Problem: Unrecognized Barcode Format error appears when scanning an ID. Solution: Verify that the Barcode Scanner is set to only read 2D barcodes. If other barcode formats are enabled, the above error message could appear. How to verify the Barcode

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Protected: M280 Scanner Busy

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How to backup and restore IDwedgePro formulas

How to backup formula files before re-install the IDwedgePro software. There are two cases. IDWedgePro is still operating properly on the target machine. IDWedgePro is not working properly, but the SuperIDWedge.sdf file can be accessed in the C:\tokenworks\idwedgepro directory. Instruction

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Problem: Unable To Change Time Zone on AgeVisor

Problem: Time Zone setting is “grayed out” and cannot be changed. . Cause: The time zone is set automatically based on the device’s Windows 10 settings. Solution: Adjust the time zone via the Windows settings. To change the Windows 10 Time Zone

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Problem: AgeVisor Touch beeps, but does not display data

Problem: When scanning a 2D barcode, the scanner beeps, but the data is not being displayed. Possible Cause: This could be caused by the scanner not connecting when the application starts up Solution: Set the scanner to automatically connect on

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Sending TKWK files on M310 and M310s

How to send TKWK* files from IDVisor m310 or IDVisor M310s to TokenWorks Support At times, we may ask clients to send us some diagnostic files from the device to fix or update the software.  These directions detail the process

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Eseek Scanner Test Utility

This utility provides IDParser M260, M250, M280 programmed Eseek Scanners clients with a hardware testing application. These scanners typically are purchased from TokenWorks and have a black and yellow label with DLL Parsing 260, Scanner 260 or Scanner 280.   This

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IDWedgePro SSL HTTPS Secure Connection Confirm Local Certificate

IDWedePro – SSL Security Exception IDWedgePro supports a Secure Socket Layer capability for the WCF feature. This feature allows the WCF service to connect to the https test page: The browser needs have a security exception to work with

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Problem: AgeVisor Touch Date & Time is Incorrect/Resets

Problem: AgeVisor Touch is displaying the incorrect time.  The time value resets every 20 or 30 minutes, even after being set correctly. Cause: The operating system (Windows 10) is attempting to set the time automatically but does not have a wifi

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How to fix a broken update on AgeVisor Touch, AgeVisor or IDWedgePro

Problems with automatic software updates If your application fails to update properly (AgeVisor, AgeVisorTouch, IDWedgePro, etc) and appears to be stuck or broken, exit the app and follow these steps: Using Windows Explorer, locate the hidden folder: C:\ProgramData\0100812D3FEA5A5A (Note, your

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