Newland Scanner Diagnostic

The Newland scanner models are: M420, M430, H325, F406, F408. These scanners usually use the Hid-Compliant interface, and do not require a driver. The M430 can run in Hid and COM port mode. This diagnostic program was created to allow

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SoftwarKey ServerParser compatible – beta

This post is no longer valid, the Correct SDK is available on the SOLO server.  All Links are dead This archive contains the ServerParserSDK demo app, with the DLLs recompiled to v The following files are now at version

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IDWedge Pro crashes when launching Formulas

Issue: The IDWedge Pro application will try to open up Formulas but immediately crash after an attempt. No immediate error messages are shown but if you open Event Viewer to see why the application possibly crashed you will see similar

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ID Scanner for Mac OS X with Node.js / Web Forms / IDWedgeKB

This post will take you from the initial setup of your local Mac OS X development environment to getting your ID scanner (IDWedgeKB) working in serial port mode with a web form, and everything in between. Ultimately, it will provide

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How To Work with IDWedgeKB in Serial Port Mode on Mac OS X

As you may know (hence why you may have arrived on this page) accomplishing the above is not as straightforward as it is on a Windows computer, for instance; it’s certainly not as “plug and play”, so to speak. Below

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Windows Recovery Screen When Booting Up AgeVisor Touch

Problem: When powering on your AgeVisor Touch, you are taken to a blue Windows recovery screen as shown below. When trying to press any of the options shown on the screen the touchscreen does not respond. This issue typically occurs

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“Unsuccessful Scan” Message When Trying To Read Passport

Problem Description: When trying to use the Passport feature, the passport reader opens then immediately closes and gives you an error message saying “Unsuccessful Scan”.           “Unsuccessful Scan” error message when pressing the “Passport” button.  

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How to fix Invalid Release ID message box

If a customer reports that a TokenWorks application is posting an Invalid Release ID, as seen below: The entire message might be one of the following: Invalid server Release ID or Invalid Client Release ID This message box is generated

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Date and Time Does Not Change In AgeVisor Touch Application

Problem: The Date and/or Time is showing incorrectly on your AgeVisor Touch, but the updated Date and/or Time will not save or the time stays incorrect after changing to correct time. Example: Incorrect time shown. The correct time is 11:03

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IDVisor Smart V2 Will Not Connect To Computer

If your IDVisor Smart V2 is having the following connection issues when connected to your computer: Red LED is on but device does not appear on computer. Device does not show “internal storage device” when connected.       Red

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