Instructions on how to make Tokenworks software load at PC startup

Post Description: Explains how to load Tokenworks software such as AgeVisor, IDWedge Pro, and Sentry at startup. For this guide AgeVisor will be used as an example. Note: For PCs with more than one profile, this operation should be done as

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How To Upload Tag List To IDVisor Smart/Smart Plus

Follow the directions provided to upload a tag list to your IDVisor Smart/IDVisor Smart Plus.   1. Create Tag List in Microsoft Excel. The column format should be as followed: Last Name, First Name, ID Number, Date of Birth (MMDDYYYY),

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IDWedgeKB Programming Tutorial Video

Follow the steps provided in the video for instructions on how to program an IDWedgeKB to work with your form.     If after attempting these steps you are still unable to program the IDWedgeKB to work with your form

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AgeVisorTouch – Controlling Windows 10 Update

AgeVisorTouch V. has a new feature that let’s you control when/if Windows 10 will update. Windows 10 will automatically update the OS at the worst possible times – like in the middle of a busy work day – so

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Connecting to WiFi on IDVisor Smart and Smart Plus

Follow the steps below in order to connect your IDVisor Smart or Smart Plus to WiFi.   Select Setup.                 Select Wifi.                 Select your WiFi

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IDWedge Pro: How to create formulas

How to Create a Formula in IDWedgePro Follow these steps to create a simple address formula, used to fill in and address in an Excel spread sheet. Launch the formula page from IDWedgePro by clicking on Settings->Formula Create an excel

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IDWedge Pro: Backing Up and Restoring Formulas

How to Backup/Restore Formulas for IDWedgePro This post will guide you on how to backup/restore your formulas you created in the IDWedge Pro program. It also guides M280 users on how to backup their Scanned Images.   Step 1: From

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IDWedge Pro Installation and Setup Guide for M260/M280/POS HID Barcode Scanner

IDWEDGE PRO INSTALLATION GUIDE This guide provides instructions on how to install and setup your IDWedge Pro Software Step 1: Download and extract the latest IDWedgePro Installer from: NOTE: For existing users re-installing software or moving to a new

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Activation Error: The request failed with the error message Authentication Required

If you are receiving the following error message when trying to activate our software (IDWedge Pro, AgeVisor, IDVisor Sentry, IDVisor Sync) it may be caused by a firewall or security feature on your PC. To bypass this error message you

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AgeVisor POS Installer and Updater

Version has added support for multiple users and supports an external USB relay device.   Below are two different download links. ¬†Please read the directions and chose the most appropriate. The Installer download is for NEW installation or clients

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