ID Scanner for Mac OS X with Node.js / Web Forms / IDWedgeKB

This post will take you from the initial setup of your local Mac OS X development environment to getting your ID scanner (IDWedgeKB) working in serial port mode with a web form, and everything in between. Ultimately, it will provide

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IDWedgeKB Serial Port data in the browser with NodeJS

This post will provide all the files and instructions required to demonstrate the IDWedgeKB in Serial Port mode sending data to the browser using NodeJS to host a server written in JavaScript. You can download all the resources required to

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IDWedgeBT with HanDBase Android Demo – Easy Custom Forms with ID Card Data Capture

Purpose HandDBase by DDH software provides an easy way to build custom forms that can be partially filled in by the Tokenworks IDWedgeBT ID Scanner. The software is currently $9.99 for Android and there are other versions available for iOS

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IDWedgeBT + HanDBase – Mobile Customer Data Collection Solution for Lead Capture, Surveys, Digital Forms

An ID Scanner from Tokenworks coupled with a custom HanDBase form is the perfect solution for collecting valuable customer information using Drivers Licenses data to auto-fill contact information and hanDBase software create a customized mobile data collection system. Three Simple

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New York Issuing New Licenses to Crack Down On ID Fraud

N.Y. DMV Prepares To Unveil New Black-And-White Driver’s Licenses   New York State has begun issuing new drivers licenses that have more than 30 security features to make them nearly impossible to counterfeit. Features: Vertical printing for people under 21 Date

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