IDWedgeKB Firmware Update 3.4

How to update IDWedgeKB to Firmware 3.4 Download the update file – Download the IDWedgeKB User manual (V3.4 firmware) – IDWedgeKB-Users-Guide-Version-1.20.pdf Download IDWedgeKB Firmware upgrade procedure (same as shown below)  Upgrading-IDWedgeKB-Firmware.pdf Instructions repeated from  – Upgrading-IDWedgeKB-Firmware.pdf Unzip the update file

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M260 DL Parsing Scanner Diagnostic

The M260 Diagnostic application is a tool you can use to diagnose, troubleshoot and correct problems with the M250, M260, M280 scanners, a.k.a. eseek scanner, that is used in the IDWedge or IDWedgePro applications or DL Parsing Scanner SDK. This

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How to Load Firmware – Clean Boot M310

This document describes how to clean boot m310 with firmware.   Unlike most windows phone, there is no “hard reset” procedure which reloads the operating system.  So if a users deletes or overwrites system files (via file manager or using

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IDVisorTouch SD card Image and Re-Installation Guide

This is the latest version of IDVisorTouch application software and the Installation Guide. Download the SD card image archive and extract it to a folder on your PC. Follow the instructions in the Installation Guide. Installation Guide: IDVisorTouch Installation Guide.pdf

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MAC OS versions compatible with PalmDesktop Z22

The Palm Desktop software, which is used to sync with MAC computers, works with version 10.1.2 up to 10.5 (leopard).  In version 10.6 (snow leopard), Apple dropped support for the Palm sync software. which continues support for syncing on later

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IDVisorTouch ver software and Factory Installation guide

Read the following document and download the image below to install the IDVisorTouch application into a smartphone based IDVisorTouch scanner.    This is software rom for idvisor touch or divsortouch version plus installation guide.   IDVisorTouch Initialization Guide ver_1.0.6.5.doc IDVisorTouch

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Windows 2000 Driver Installation Procedure for DigiSwipe

Windows2000Install4DigiSwipe .PDF File How to install hardware without loading new drivers or using *.inf files   Plug hardware into PCMCIA slot using CFII adapter (Note: Substituted ‘DigiSwipe’ for ‘CompactSwipe’ in above screen shot)   Hardware Wizard launches, hit next  

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