IDWedgeKB Backup Software Update Procedure

This is procedure is a backup update process in the event an IDWedgeKB is firmware is corrupted and it’s not possible to enter the standard flash drive mode It should only be done after consulting with TokenWorks tech support.  

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IDWedge Pro Installation and Setup Guide for M260/M280/POS HID Barcode Scanner

IDWEDGE PRO INSTALLATION GUIDE This guide provides instructions on how to install and setup your IDWedge Pro Software Step 1: Download and extract the latest IDWedgePro Installer from: NOTE: For existing users re-installing software or moving to a new

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M260 DL Parsing Scanner Diagnostic

The M260 Diagnostic application is a tool you can use to diagnose, troubleshoot and correct problems with the M250, M260, M280 scanners, a.k.a. eseek scanner, that is used in the IDWedge or IDWedgePro applications or DL Parsing Scanner SDK. This

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How to add an exclusion to Windows Defender (Win10)

Some of the applications written by TokenWorks may trigger a false positive for a virus/trojan/malware from the Windows Defender anti-virus software.  To stop these false positives, you can add and exclusion to Defender, and this should stop the false positive

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Import a certificate into Internet Explorer 11 used with IDWegePro WCF on https

The following procedure will go through all the steps required to import a certificate into IE11.  This is required when using IDWedgePro WCF feature on secured pages (https). For a single user follow this procedure: Import-a-certificate-into-IE11-for-SSL.pdf   To modify a

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M280 Brightness Demo

This demo is a modified version of the M280 SDK, that scans a DL and creates a copy of the original image, with a brightness control. You must have the Eseek M280 installed on a PC to use this demo.

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How to get virtual keyboard to work on Android Samsung Galaxy Tab when paired with IDWedgeBT

How to get virtual keyboard to work (pop up) on Samsung, model SM-T817V (Galaxy Tab S2 Verizon Wi-Fi) after paring with IDWedgeBT Problem: When the IDWedgeBT first pairs with Android tablet, the virtual on-screen keyboard does not work and Pressing the

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IDWedgeKB Serial Port Demonstration

This post will provide all the files and instructions required to demonstrate the IDWedgeKB in Serial Port mode. You can download all the resources required to run the demonstration from this post. Please watch this video to see the demo:

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Protected: Test Parsing DLLs for Developer

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Problem: Unrecognized Barcode Format Error

Problem: Unrecognized Barcode Format error appears when scanning an ID. Solution: Verify that the Barcode Scanner is set to only read 2D barcodes. If other barcode formats are enabled, the above error message could appear. How to verify the Barcode

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