Protected: Xamarin Drivers License BarCode Parser SDK – Demo

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IDWedgeKB Demo Web page

UPDATE: Now supporting Internet Explorer Version 11 — in addition to the previously and still supported latest versions of: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla FireFox, and Google Chrome Normally, almost any web page will work with IDWedgeKB, but, it would require that

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IDWedgeKB Android Serial Terminal Samsung Note 8

IDWedgeKB Android Serial Demo Watch IDWedgeKB work as a drivers license / ID Scanner natively connected to Android Samsung Note 3 The IDWedgeKB USB Serial driver works with Android. Here is a video showing it working with Samsung Note 3 and DroidTerm (please excuse the

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Eleckey Key Engines

Below is an archive that contains two versions of the Ekag20nt.exe key detection engine.  the two version are: V2.8 which is the currently deployed version of TokenWorks apps and parser. and V2.9 which is the next version of code that

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Protected: M280 Scanner Busy

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Height Weight Fields formats DL Drivers License Format IDParser DLL

Height and Weight fields There are two systems for measuring the Ht and Wt fields, English and Metric. Cards issued in USA will use English system and cards issued elsewhere (Canada) will use metric. From the AAMVA spec: Height: Height

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